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Wow man! You are a really good friggin writer. This is an incredible story you wove together here. RIP Austin :(

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This was a powerful piece!

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This is such a beautiful post. It really gets me so emotional.

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>Nor are we educated about our country’s enormous prison system, where Black Americans are incarcerated at 5x the rate of White Americans.

Yes, because we live in a country where black people commit many crimes at a rate 5x higher than white people.

It's weird, the overwhelming majority of interracial violence in America is committed by black people, and the main victims are white people (there are around 10 times as many black on white murders per capita each year than vice versa), and yet from the way the left carry on you would think things were exactly the reverse of this.

And its weird to say white people don't get called terrorists. They are, whereas as black people like the brooklyn subway shooter aren't.

Every news story where yet another black man has killed or assaulted an Asian person, the media falls over themselves to declare the attacker "mentally ill", lest they be forced ro admit that most hate crimes in the US are committed by black men (including attacks on whites, Asians, gays and trans people).

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