I like this focus on the voice: "Many voices need to rise to make things happen." Agree with all you say. Think 'reading the news' is about being discerning and not getting overwhelmed by a bombardment of images, soundbites, and headline alerts. Being really mindful of where we get our news and sitting to focus to read it is the key I think (reading a bit of opposing views, too). Great YA novel about people using their voices: The Hate U Give. If more teachers are teaching about this power early on we will have a generation of leaders (like RGB & AOC).

Sometimes just writing what's 'real' is the hope. Thanks for sharing.

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May 6, 2022Liked by Joshua Pressman Jacobs

at the risk of sounding too simple, I must say I was reminded of Star Wars. Of the plot of the emperor who worked for decades to undermine the status quo of a 'galactic democracy' and when the pieces were at the right place, a check-mate was quickly issued. And the so-called republic went into a somewhat dictatorial empire. Just like that it became a blackhole of power-loving and power-grabbing authoritarianism. This all happened right under the noses of everyone, Yoda included.

I hope I dont live to see the day where future adults look back and they can no longer say: 'oh no, that cant happen in America!' because of it did.

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