I enjoyed this - the angle you have on Kyrie is an interesting one. I see Irving as someone who simply will not bend the knee unthinkingly to The Keepers of The Narrative. The HoS link shows his unwillingness to participate in the Regime / Big Pharma approved Covid Narrative. It's an amazing example of the Asch Conformity experiments. As we saw in the Strauss article:

- Visiting unvaccinated players can play, but Kyrie can't.

This sentence alone should have regular people worldwide acknowledging the absurdity of it all. Instead, The Establishment (Wilbon lost a LOT of respect with his reaction) went ballistic on Irving. That they didn't analyze the idiocy of the Nets' policy, and most of the Covid Narrative, is telling.

Irving is like many in my circle - someone who won't comply with illogical, stupid, and clownish 'mandates' from people who don't practice what they preach. The only difference is he plays professional basketball and is fabulously wealthy.

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“Even how I’m describing these events is a choice” / rich and thought provoking for this reason. Melville makes an interesting read of democratic freedoms. I’m still thinking about many of the questions you pose...thanks for that

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